Challenge with the purple color on nail designs

Challenge with the purple color on nail designs – welcome the spring is coming Do you love the color purple? And really want to put it on your nails? Well, this post is suited to you. Let’s explore it through the color purple on nail designs. See ya! The purple color belongs to gentle color, cold […]

Top 10 with Yellow on nail designs

Yellow on nail designs  – Top color is loved by Super Star products Are you prefer the color yellow? Do you love the yellow on nail designs? Don’t miss this post in below because Super Star will introduce to you some interesting things with this especially color. Let’s explore! The color yellow is the color of hope, […]

Exploring Orange color nail designs

Exploring Orange color nail designs – Hot trend colors in this year Are you love Orange color? So well, let’s explore it through Somer Orange color nail design. Hope you will find out something interesting this tone color. Let’s  Go Now! What is orange color means? Orange is truly the mixed the blend of red […]

Nails for Happy New Year holidays

Nails for Happy New Year holidays, imagine with impressed nails Do you feel the peace of Happy New Year and have you prepared your especially holiday? Why don’t you try with new nails for Happy New Year holidays, try out some new clothes, new makeup, new hairstyles. Now and here, we’re introducing new nails designs in […]

Strange with dark green nails

Strange with dark green nails – bring natural life to you! What is dark green? Dark green is a combination of green and dark colors. Besides that, Green is the color of life, nature and energy. Moreover, green is also a meaning of growth, freshness and environment. Impressing of the colors green to the opposite person […]

All about nails with Chartreuse color- Green mix yellow

All about nails with Chartreuse color – Explore secret from a combination between Green and Yellow! Before we’ve started Subject “nails with Chartreuse color”, you should know what is Chartreuse color? The reality, Chartreuse color is a combination of pale green and yellow. Using Chartreuse colors on nails will help you become open-minded, imaginative. Especially, […]

[HOT] Top nails for Christmas season in this year

Top nails for Christmas season – A gift to you at the end of the year! When the weather becomes cold, this is exactly announced winter coming.  Besides that, the world is covered by red, blue, green colors because of Christmas season coming everywhere. So, let’s prepare full light jackets, jeans, coat, and scarves. And don’t forget to […]

Feedback from Super Star Customers

Updates new Feedback from Super Star Customers How to make beautiful nail samples, satisfied customers and increasing comeback to your salon rate? That is always the question that Super Star set out and make an objective to improve the product better. And the more researched the Super Star products, the more value they bring to the […]

Super Star dip powder colors are the best

Super Star dipping powder does not wrinkle, does not flow, does not fade, stays color for 3 to 4 weeks. Super Star dipping powder colors with more than 216 colors. Super Star dipping powder is strictly controlled by US regulators and extremely safe to customer health. Super Star Dipping Powder: No running, no fade. No […]