Dip powder kit Super Star the best in the world

Super Star dip powder kit the best in the world

Before applying the nail by dip, you need to prepare the dip powder kit, from the bottle for its own use. With Super Star dip powder kit, it is important not only to keep the nails healthy but also to keep the color shiny and long last up to 4 week.

See why dip powders are taking over nail industry in the USA, get your hands on the future of nails with the dip powder kit.

Primer for dip powder kit 0.5 0z

Dipping Primer is a primer in the process of embedding dirt, protecting the nails from staining. Helps not to be brittle nails, moisturizing essential for nails. Help the dipping powder color in the next layer is more beautiful color and longer lasting color retention.

Primer for dip powder kit

Base for dip powder kit 0.5 0z

Base for dip – Protect nails and keep the color for up to 30 days
Super Base’s Super Base for dip differs from other products on the market as there is no acid-based primer that only 100% safety ingredients in the Base. So Base for dipping powder Super Star has the advantage:
+ Helps seal the gels firmer without damaging the nails of the user
+ Retention time up to 30 days
+ Do not take too much effort and time for the user: Time take: 3-5 minutes
+ Easy manipulation is not complicated

Base for dip powder kit

Activator for dip powder kit 0.5 0z

Dipping Activator for dipping powder kit is a product that helps to protect the dip powder, firmness, chip, and cracking. Make the dip powder colors more beautiful, more brilliant. If you forget to remove the activator when dipping powder is embedded, dip powder may be cracked. Activator is used in the third step of dipping.

Activator for dip powder kit

Top for dip powder kit 0.5 0z

Top for dip powder kit – Keep the ball up to 30 days
Top for dip powder by Super Star is one of the most popular nail accessories in the United States. The product differs from other products on the market with the ability to:

+ The color of the powder dipped from 3 to 4 weeks
+ Do not peel for 3 to 4 weeks
+ No need to re-wipe
+ No need to light
+ Safety for health

Top for dip powder kit

Especially, Super Star’s Dip Powder Kit has larger, more economical bottles.

Primer for dip powder kit 8 0z

Activator for dip powder kit 8 0z


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