Gel Top None Cleaner (.5oz)


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Top Gel None Cleaner – Holds the ball for up to 30 days

Super Star’s Top Gel None Cleaner is one of the most popular nail accessories in the United States. The product differs from other products on the market with the ability to:

+ The gel shade remains transparent for more than 30 days

+ Do not flake for 30 days

Do not turn yellow when exposed to detergent, ultraviolet rays

+ Short time: 30 seconds is complete (30s – 60s the brighter, more glossy)

Simple operation, no alcohol

+ No bubble

User manual Gel Top None Cleaner

Super Top Cleaner After shave on the foundation, it should be under the LED or UV light. Time:

+ 30 seconds with LEDs

+ 01 minutes if using UV light (the dark color is 02 minutes)

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