Common mistakes when using dipping powder nail

Common mistakes when using dipping powder nail, these things you may encounter daily but never noticed. Find out about these errors and how to fix them. Get started now!  File on both sides of the nails not the same The first thing before the implementation of dipping, gel paint … must clean all of the […]

Not only for dipping powder, more and more

Super Star dipping powder not only dip but also moreover. Why we can sure that so. If you zoom clearly Super Star dip powder is so so smooth. Besides that, if you notice our dip powder ain’t need clear powder because Super Star dip powder is powder “raw” actually different from another’s powder which was […]

how to remove dipping powder nail polish

Super Star Dipping Powder is the best choice of nail salon and consumer. Because it is so easy to apply and Only 5-7 Minutes how to remove Dip Powder. Products are used to remove dipping powder: Acetone Cotton balls Aluminum Foil File/e-file/buffer Follow These Steps for Remove Dip Powder Step 1: Buff the entire surface of […]

How to Dipping powder ombre with SuperStar Dip Powder

Superstar No. 1 in the United States, has been present in more than 10,000 nail salons and more than 27 countries around the world. With advanced Matching 3 in 1 technology. Contains no toxic substances, safe for the health of the nails and customers. Super Star dip powder has 216 colors, many uses such as […]