Why should choose Super Star dip powder?

Dip Powder is the trend and the number one choice for nail salons. Super Star dipping powder is a brand used by many fine nails. So, Why should choose Super Star dip powder? Some highlight characteristics Super Star dip powder: Direct from the manufacturer  No Discontinue  216 Plus Color Matching 3IN1 No Chip – No Wrinkle […]

The importance of gel polish base coat

Importance of gel polish base coat and primer cover? You need to start with a base coat is the basis for a long-lasting nail. Can I just skip all the extra time and effort it takes to apply gel base. Gel polish base coat makes your nail last longer. Gel polish base coat thought it was […]

Some notes when using super star dip powder

Over 4 years of continuous development Super Star dipping powder has been and  Now is Become a reputable brand of nails salon in America. There are some notes when using Super Star dip powder. Super Star dip powder was present at more than 10,000 nail salons in the United States and more than 27 other […]